Willis, John late of Tallawaka Homestead Lease River Darling Grazier Know all men by these presents. This is the last Will and Testament of me John Willis of Tallawaka Homestead Lease River Darling in the Colony of New South Wales Grazier. I give and bequeath all my property in my possession In the Darling River District - consisting of my Homestead Lease on the Tallawaka Creek together with all improvements stock and implements on the foresaid Homestead Lease to my son William Nicholas Willis of Tarrion Creek Brewarrina in the Colony of New South Wales and to his Executors administratas and assigns absolutely and for ever In witness whereof I the said John Willis have hereunto set my hand this sixteenth day of August one thousand eight hundred and ninety. John Willis Signed by the said John Willis in the presence of us being present at the same time and in the presence of each other and at his request have subscribed our names as witnesses. Ronal Seaton Vernon. Alexander Gordon Ramsay_____________

16 February 1900 By Act of Court Admin with Will annexed granted to William Nicholas Willis of Sydney Esquire as a son of deceased and the sole legatee under the said Will.
Bond dispensed with

Testator died at the Tarrion Station
22 January 1896

Assets 1200
Debts 2898:1:7

Fisher & Macaush Estate sworn