Kneipp Golden Wedding

More than 30 relatives and friends of Mr. & Mrs. Syl Kneipp, of Brisbane, and formerly of Tenterfield, gathered at the Picnic Point Gardens at Toowoomba recently to celebrate their Golden Wedding.

Among those present were the original bridesmaid and best man, Dorothy Geyer and Mervyn Kneipp, both of Tenterfield. In their brief speeches they recalled the numerous incidents at the time of the wedding in Tenterfield Methodist Church 50 years ago, when the bride was Joyce Willis, daughter of the late Mr & Mrs George Willis, and Syl was the third son of the late Mr & Mrs Fred Kneipp.

Bryan Kneipp and his sister Diana (Mrs. Ballinger), son and daughter of the bride and groom, were host and hostess at the function and welcomed the visitors.

Among the visitors were the sisters Dorothy, Ruby, Isabel and brother Hector of the bride, and Dorothy, Elsie, Frieda and Madge, and brothers Mervyn and Wilbur of the groom and their families.

Guests came from Brisbane, Chinchilla, Lismore, Tenterfield, Sydney, Coolangatta and Grafton for the occasion, which was a very pleasant and happy one.

Tenterfield Star 29 November 1975.